Promoting Women’s Entrepreneurship in Mexico Through Blended Learning

Road to Women's Business Growth Mexico

Road to Women’s Business Growth

The Road to Women’s Business Growth training program is a collaborative venture developed by the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women with support from the ExxonMobil Foundation. Through “Road to Growth,” we are focusing on promoting women’s entrepreneurship in Mexico by building the business skills and financial literacy of women business owners. Emerging360 designed and developed the Road to Growth platform, piloting it in Nigeria in 2016 with great results. This year, in collaboration with local partner BEDU, we refined the platform for Mexico.

Of the 370 women who graduated from the 6-week first phase of Road to Growth Mexico:

  • 100% indicated that they now have a clearer vision and direction for their businesses.
  • 98% will apply the knowledge and skills gained from the program to their businesses.
  • 99% indicated that they were happy with the program.
  • Graduates demonstrated a 27% improvement in key business management skills and knowledge.

And this short video shows how participants gained strength, inspiration, and key business management skills, from Road to Growth.

Testimonials from Our Work Promoting Women’s Entrepreneurship in Mexico

“I will never finish being grateful for being selected. It was like a revelation for me. Before entering, I thought I knew my company. But now I understand it more deeply. And I feel committed to improving its financial position.”

“Thank you very much for this opportunity. With your help, I found a way for my company to grow and a guide to help me achieve it.”

Phase two of Road to Growth is now underway in Mexico, offering more intensive business support to 115 of the initial participants. Through the program, women entrepreneurs will receive further training on topics that they identified as priority areas, including leadership, sales and marketing, and scaling and funding. In addition, the program will pair each woman with a mentor. Plus, participants will engage in a range of group activities.

And we are excited to announce that we will soon be launching the next iteration of Road to Growth, continuing our working promoting women’s entrepreneurship in Nigeria and around the world.

Learn more about our global work empowering women entrepreneurs.

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