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Great strategy is visionary.

Emerging360® is a boutique consulting firm promoting women’s entrepreneurship, SME development, mobile learning and elearning for international development, and inclusive tourism. With decades of experience in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East, we know the complexities of the developing world.

And we know how to design and manage global initiatives that engage audiences and build capacity in emerging markets.

Women Entrepreneurs

  • Needs assessments
  • Market studies
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Skills building programs
  • Training of trainers
  • Access to finance
  • Access to markets

SME Development

  • SME & MSME development strategy
  • Research studies
  • Sectoral work & value chains
  • SME portals
  • Blended learning programs
  • Non-financial services (NFS)

Mobile Learning

  • Instructional design
  • Micro-learning
  • eLearning & blended learning
  • User experience design (UX)
  • Web & mobile platforms
  • Knowledge management portals
  • Content strategy

Inclusive Tourism

  • Market studies
  • Community-based tourism
  • Social and environmental diagnostics
  • Human-centered design (HCD)
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Heritage tourism


Promoting Financial Inclusion Through Mobile Learning

CGAP eLearning Course on Financial Inclusion Using Human-Centered Design

CGAP’s “Customers at the Center” eLearning Course

Our flagship, mobile learning course is enabling CGAP to train financial institutions in Africa on using Human-Centered Design to promote customer-centricity. The course combines animated videos with in-depth online training.

Participating banks are now using these tools in 7+ countries to design sustainable, digital financial services for the unbanked and financially underserved.

Building the Capacity of Women Entrepreneurs with Smart Technology

Road to Women's Business Growth, promoting women's entrepreneurship worldwide.

Road to Women’s Business Growth

Designed, built, and piloted the Road to Women’s Business Growth blended learning program in partnership with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and ExxonMobil Foundation.

Our platform combines the benefits of high-tech, tablet-based e-learning with high-touch in-class instruction. Resulted in double-digit increases in the key knowledge and skills women entrepreneurs need to access finance and grow their businesses.

Developing Innovations in Knowledge Management

Innovations in Knowledge Management

Designing the World Bank’s SecureNutrition Platform

Developed a robust user engagement strategy, then architected, built, and re-branded a responsive, multi-lingual knowledge management platform for the World Bank’s SecureNutrition program.

Provided development professionals with on-demand access to the latest information about linkages between nutrition and food, health, welfare, education, water, sanitation, hygiene, and policy. And the new Drupal platform deepened engagement with World Bank stakeholders and broadened the global reach of the program.

A Break-Through Solution for Small Businesses

ICT Strategy for SME Toolkit

World Bank Group’s SME Toolkit

Designed, launched, and grew 40+ one-stop-shop portals for small businesses throughout the world. Strategic collaboration with a network of major corporate partners. And focused ICT advisory enabled the International Finance Corporation to reach and build the capacity of 25 million+ users in 18 languages.

Results that Endure, Impact You Can Measure


South Asia Knowledge Center

Helped plan, design, and acquire key tools and content for the South Asia Enterprise Development Facility’s Knowledge Center in Bangladesh.

With strategic business planning, the Center has achieved total financial sustainability and is serving more small businesses than ever.

Changing the Face of eLearning


IFC’s eLearning for Small Businesses

Rolled out new approaches to Web- and mobile-based e-learning, first piloted by our team at eLearning Africa. Enabled the International Finance Corporation to teach financial literacy to millions of SMEs on demand.

Putting the right technologies in the right place at the right time

The leadership team at Emerging360 includes the founding consultant behind the World Bank Group’s SME Toolkit and its chief product, content, and partnership development personnel.

Our solutions focus on promoting women’s entrepreneurship, SME development, and inclusive tourism, and leverage eLearning for international development.

We’ve collaborated with private sector companies, NGOs, and government entities on every major continent. Leading technology firms like IBM, Google, and eBay. Financial institutions like ICICI Bank, Access Bank, Banco Santander, and D&B. And telecom firms like Airtel and Vodacom.

“Responsive, responsive, responsive. Prime example of collaboration, even partnership, and not just consultant-client relationship.”

“They are truly dedicated to finding sustainable solutions and to building world-class products that will help change lives for the better.”

“You’ve made an incredible contribution to hundreds of local communities, dozens of nations, and millions of entrepreneurs.”

“Their command of everything from client interactions to technical implementation is truly admirable and a breadth of abilities that are very hard to find in one team.”

“The Emerging360 team’s thoughtful collaboration and execution resulted in a free worldwide resource for people starting and building businesses.”

 “The platform is incredible, exactly what I had been needing for my company, since the finance issue was our weak point. I now feel much more prepared.”

Boosting Inclusive Ecotourism Investment in Cambodia’s Cardamom Mountains

Employing a Human-Centered Design approach, Emerging360 in collaboration with Solimar International supported the Cambodian Ministry of Environment within the “Cambodia Sustainable Landscape & Ecotourism Project (CSLEP)” to formulate a five-year Regional Ecotourism Development Plan for the Cardamom Mountains (2022 - 2027). As part of the year-long assignment, Emerging360 developed three destination visions and investment plans for priority ecotourism destinations to stimulate private sector investment, and to define US$33 million in public sector infrastructure development investment recommendations, which will be implemented through World Bank financing.