Inclusive Recovery of the Tourism Sector in Southeast Asia

Promoting Inclusive Recovery of the Tourism Sector in Southeast Asia: Ao Nang, ThailandOver the past six months, Emerging360 has been collaborating with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). We’ve been formulating a series of Guidelines on Hygiene and Safety for Workers and Communities in the Tourism Industry in Southeast Asia and ASEAN Member States: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

As vaccination programs are rolled out around the world, tourism destinations are preparing for an increase in arrivals again. The travel industry must promote the health and safety of workers, hosting communities, and travelers alike to ensure inclusive recovery of the tourism sector in Southeast Asia. Emerging360’s work to define common standards will help rebuild the trust of the tourism workforce, travelers, and local communities, including marginalized workers.

Tourism is of strategic importance to socio-economic growth in Southeast Asia, and the sector has proven resilient in the face of previous crises. With both mature and growing domestic tourism markets, as well as rapidly growing regional markets, Southeast Asia is well-positioned for a swift recovery of its tourism industry as the pandemic begins to subside. ASEAN’s post-COVID Tourism Recovery Plan envisions re-opening to tourists while safeguarding public health. The common regional ASEAN guidelines that Emerging360 has developed consolidate, adapt, and harmonize international and national standards, best practices, and guidelines, along with ASEAN Member States’ national health and safety protocols.

Ensuring Inclusive Recovery of the Tourism Sector in Southeast Asia

The tourism and hospitality sectors in the ASEAN region include many women and vulnerable communities working in the informal sector — groups that are significantly more at risk from economic, health, and other crises. It’s essential that the Guidelines on Hygiene and Safety reach these women, vulnerable communities, and informal tourism workers to ensure inclusive recovery of the tourism sector in Southeast Asia.

As such, Emerging360 has been working in parallel to develop tailored tourism communication strategies and products — including explainer videos, branding for a healthy tourism and hospitality certification program, and other digital media solutions — to help ASEAN Member States reach these vulnerable groups and promote the safety of local destinations to tourists.

Emerging360 Designed ASEAN's Safe & Warm Tourism & Hospitality Stamp

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