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Skills, knowledge, and confidence are essential for inclusive economic development

“I have never seen any development application like this before. The experience has been phenomenal. Even when I thought I had an idea of some modules, I realized I knew very little. Thanks for this initiative and I’m happy it will positively impact me and my natural beverage business.”

User of HerVenture, designed, developed, and implemented by Emerging360

Emerging360 innovates learning and skills-building solutions to help build the capacity of women entrepreneurs and MSMEs in emerging markets.

Emerging360 brings global perspectives rooted in local realities. We’ve worked in more than 40 countries and have experts on every major continent. This combination of deep local roots and extensive international experience enables us to blend the best global ideas and innovations with local practicalities and partnerships.

Our clients are leaders across the private, public and philanthropic sectors. Our team has collaborated with the World Bank, IFC, CGAP, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, Women’s World Banking, USAID, Asia Foundation, and the UN; technology firms like IBM and Google; 20+ financial institutions like Access Bank, ICICI Bank, Bank Alfalah, Banco Santander, and Dun & Bradstreet, and telecom firms like Airtel, Dialog, and Vodacom.

A sample of our solutions:

HerVenture, a micro-learning app for women entrepreneurs in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Nigeria needing early-stage growth capital. The focus is on Access to Finance (A2F), Access to Skills, and Access to Networks—in the first year, we already have more than 15,000 users with a nearly perfect 5-star rating.

Road to Women’s Business Growth focuses on gender and cultural obstacles to finance, facilitating direct connections with FIs and combining the benefits of high-tech, self-paced eLearning with high-touch in-class instruction. We collaborated with Access Bank and Women’s World Banking to integrate bank staff and touchpoints throughout the solution. A longitudinal study by London School of Economics measured impressive results in terms of outcomes and impact, including:

  • Business performance: Participants’ profits have grown on average by 31%.
  • Financial literacy: 92% feel more confident interacting with financial institutions and other market actors
  • Financial management: 92% (up 12%) keep business and household finances separated.
  • Business control: 70% (+13%) showed a decline in others’ involvement in their business decision-making.

In collaboration with CGAP, we designed and developed a digital training solution to promote inclusion for the financially underserved, including women entrepreneurs. Our mobile solution was deployed successfully with 7+ financial institutions across Africa with the goal of replicating globally.

Our leadership team founded, designed, developed, and managed IFC’s SME Toolkit in 18 languages and 40 countries via 20+ financial institutions, reaching 30 million+ SMEs.

And we’re currently collaborating with the Government of Kazakhstan to design and implement a nationwide skills-building program for women entrepreneurs and SMEs.