Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Vietnam through Mobile Micro-Learning

HerVenture Mobile App ScreenshotsThanks to support from Qualcomm® Wireless Reach™, the HerVenture mobile learning app is now available for women entrepreneurs in Vietnam. Emerging360 and the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women designed and developed this new app, empowering women entrepreneurs in emerging markets to start and grow sustainable businesses.

The Android app includes a range of features to promote women’s entrepreneurship:

  • 50 micro-learning lessons utilizing mobile “flash card” technology. Topics include: launching a business, product customization and innovation, accessing new markets, expanding business operations and workforce, and accessing finance.
  • Users can learn offline at their own pace—progress syncs up automatically the next time they have a connection.
  • The app leverages gamification elements—women earn tokens and upgrade social levels by learning, sharing, networking, and more.
  • Users can ask questions on lessons and others with expertise on the topics help answer them.
  • A searchable directory where women business owners can find and network with other HerVenture users near them.

At the launch of HerVenture in Vietnam earlier this summer, Cherie Blair said, “When women are economically empowered, wonderful things happen. Families prosper. Economies grow. Communities thrive. Research shows that Asian economies could add $4.5 trillion to their GDP by 2025 by boosting women’s economic participation.”

The Emerging360 team is in Hanoi this week to train WISE, the local partner for HerVenture in Vietnam, to develop new content, build a mobile HerVenture community, and run regular business challenges for women entrepreneurs.

HerVenture is also supported by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, the Happel Foundation, the Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust and the Swedish Postcode Foundation. Together we will roll out the app in other countries, starting first with Indonesia in late 2018.


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